Lip-Smacking Half KG Cakes For Every Occasion

An array of delectable cakes is listed here for you to go ahead with the best suited one. Cakes are always a good choice. They are vintage gifts but are as delightful as anything else. These cakes are mixed in a batter with love and baked to perfection. With layers of sinfully rich cream that can put your dear one to a heavenly delight, these cakes come in a range of flavors. Choose any of these and they are unique in their own sense. These spongy delicacies are just irresistible. Cakes not only sweeten the taste buds but also the event all together. Not only they are tasty, but also beautiful cakes beautify the event. We host cakes according to size as well, for it to suit every occasion and gifting need. In this era of internet shopping, ordering online for these half kg cakes is the best thing to do with Some of the rich flavorful cakes are described below:

Half Kg Black Forest Cake

This black forest cake will steal your dear one’s heart in the very first look. It is as delectable and delicious to consume as it looks here in the picture. When your dear one will unwrap this sinfully rich black forest cake made in layers of cream and chocolate alternatively, their face will beam with a huge smile and they won’t be able to resist this sumptuous cake.

500 Gms Black Forest

Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch is a flavour preferred by every age group. It has a peculiar taste to it that no other flavor can beat. Also this is good for every occasion like birthdays or baby showers. The flavor that is most loved by all is always good and a safer option to go ahead with.

Half Kg Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake in its white color looks pristine. It is full of elegance and sophistication. Vanilla is the most basic flavor but also the most special. Good for every occasion and for every taste bud; this flavor wins the race and is a classic option to go for.

500 Gms Vanilla Cake

Half Kg Strawberry Cake

Pretty in pink, this strawberry cake has a look to turn eye balls. The sweet fruity strawberry flavor not only beautifies the cake but also imparts a great taste to the spongy cake. Our collection of these cakes solves the purpose of attraction and tastes both.

500 Gms Strawberry Birthday Cake

Half Kg Pineapple Cake

Delightfully flavored with rich pineapple and topped with whipped cream and exotic pineapple chunks, this cake will melt your dear one’s heart. The tint of yellow imparted by pineapple will brighten up your dear one. This is a true delicacy to be gifted to anyone on any occasion.

Half Kg cakes are best suited if you want to delight or surprise your dear one on their birthday even in the midnight. We have more such event special gifts for you at our online portal. Have a look and you will love them.

Why Should You Send Rakhi To Australia Through

The pious festival of raksha bandhan is round the corner and the preparations have already begun more or less. Like every other sister, you also are on a hunt to unique rakhis and rakhi gifts for your sweetheart bro. So doesn’t matter if your bro is sitting in Australia, miles away from you, because we are here to kill the distance and let you celebrate this sacred festival with all the zeal and excitement. Now coming back to what are the added benefits for you if you send Rakhi gifts to Australia; continue reading below:

We Have Already Researched And Handpicked The Best Rakhis For You!



You won’t need to brainstorm on picking an exclusive rakhi as we have put together a range of such thoughtful rakhis. Just select one from the very intricate pearl rakhis, diamond rakhis, rudraksh aum rakhis, doremon bracelet rakhis for kids and many more. Also you can send rakhi sets to Australia and delight your brothers.

You Can Top You Rakhi With Sweets Or Chocolates!

Yes, not just the rakhi, but we will also deliver rakhi hampers containing lip-smacking sweets like kaju katli, rasgullas, etc or premium chocolates like Ferrero Rocher to completely take over your bro’s heart. Also you can club cookies, dry fruits and sugar free gifts to your rakhi.

We Let You Send Delightful Hampers For Your Bro To Australia!

Above unique rakhis, you can send hampers to your bro which are beautifully comprising of personalised gifts for your personal touch, add fresh and fragrant flowers to your rakhi or very expressive greeting cards which will touch directly your bro’s heart.

You Can Glorify The Rakhi With Attractive Add On Gifts!

There is more to sending rakhi with chocolates and sweets. For people who think dry fruits and chocolates won’t suffice, we have gifts which can make your rakhi hamper attractive to another level all together. These gifts include feng-shui hampers to shower positivity on your bro, Gillette basket hamper for your bro’s wellness essentials, gourmet hampers for your foodie bro and apparel and accessories like pens and wallets for your dapper brother. This will surely amaze him.

We Deliver In Any Part Of Australia

Be it any city or town in Australia, we will find your dear one and deliver the gift. Right from Melbourne to Perth to anywhere else, we are at your service. So you need not worry about sending gifts to your bro staying far away from you. Just select what you want him to get delighted of and make an online delivery through us.

Whoa, The Best Part Is, We Offer Free Shipping Too!



Now isn’t this part a cherry on the cake to you? You can deliver so many things to your bro that to in a no added cost of shipping valid on specific products. Check now, what all you can ship for free right here in this page.
We at are constantly looking out for innumerable ways to delight you and your loved one and delivering your memories worldwide. So, don’t wait. Deliver one now !

Options on What to Buy as father’s Gifts Online

Just like any other situation where a near to the perfect choice has to be made amongst the numerous available options, it’s obvious that you are feeling messed up again as the father’s day is approaching. However, you can unload your burden a lot if you look for things available online especially for this occasion.

As Father’s day is coming nearer & nearer, you may be wondering what to choose as the perfect gift for your father. You may be wondering what can be considered as special as your father is to you. And there would also be a surprising plan cooking in your mind which hadn’t reached its final stage as the gift has not been chosen yet. What to do then? If you are active over the internet medium, you must know about the online shopping platforms that re excessively taken in use for shopping purpose. And if you do know that, there is a fantastic idea to resolve all the doubts related to making a choice for the father’s day gift. Go online! Look for gift portals that have exclusive ranges of themed gifts arranged specially for this occasion & it would then be easier for you to finalize the gift. Also, you can still continue to surprise your father on this day when you buy Father’s day gifts online as they will be delivered to your home in least possible time. Isn’t it a great way to choose a gift? Some of the highly popular gifts online are briefed below:

Memorable keepsakes: Your father will definitely like a gift a lot if it is something he can preserve as a memorable gift for as long as he can. And you don’t have to do a lot of you are using online shopping option. A personalized watch or a photo print in which you along with your brothers & sisters can be seen sharing the love & affection with your father. You can have a painting dedicated to this occasion which can be used to adorn the living room or the bedroom area of your place. And the best thing about these gifts is that it can symbolize how closely related you are with your father. So, it’s better to buy father’s day gifts online.

Personalized Photo gifts: Being the child of the best father in the world, having the most lovable father of this earth, these feelings can be best expressed by means of personalized photo gifts. You can have a printed coffee or beer mug so that he can remember the day when he get that gift from your side each time he sips from it. You can have T-shirts personalized for him & the same for yourself to express your special bond with him. And it’s possible & easier to buy such father’s day gifts online

Why you Should Order Flowers Online?

It is with the softness & delicacy of flowers that you can share what is there in your heart for someone without offending him or her. Flowers are the simplest & most beautiful gifts to be chosen as gifts. And if you can get the advantage of ordering flowers online, why shouldn’t you use it?

Even when your packet strength is limited, you can share your love to your loved ones or even to the beloved by getting flowers from the online gift portals. They are not very expensive, yet not very cheap. While you search on the online medium of Internet for such services, don’t rely on the initial first listing you see out in those search results. They are not very reliable and there can be times that your cheap choice of online gift portal may frustrate your loved one with cheap flowers they get at their doorstep. So, it would be better not to look for saving of money when you order flowers online. If a few extra bucks can give you satisfactory & reliable service of sending gifts online, it’s worth it.

Consider these few tips when you order flowers online:

Choose Gift Portal wisely: the first thing you should know & consider is not to get over-excited with having such facilities of sending flowers through online sources. This over excitement may land you to a portal which is just trying to open up its wings on the virtual medium. Chances are high that you don’t get satisfactory service & also, you can’t get every kind of flower you desire to use as gifts. Instead, stay calm & look for the popular online gift portals, ask for recommendations from friends & acquaintances who had ever used such services. Your research will help you greatly.

Choose the one that can give same day delivery: In urgent needs of gifting when you are having your relationship at stake unless you do something unusual for your beloved, there are portals which offer same day delivery. And they can even deliver flowers in the midnight. So, you will need the help of those online hands which can provide same day delivery. Once you find them, you can order flowers online in few simple steps.

Save money with Seasonal Flowers: If you are looking for the flowers as the ultimate gift, words of wisdom say that you should first browse for seasonal flowers which are in abundance in their season & therefore, online florist would be selling them at lower cost. The freshness of some flowers that your beloved may love lasts longer in their own season. So, it is with such seasonal flowers, their attractive bunch or bouquet that you can save money while you can also say whatever you wish to express or share to make & continue a healthy relationship when you order flowers online.