The beginning of October is the starter of joy and happiness. Months of October and November experience numbers of festival where one of the most celebrated festival Diwali or Deepawali which is a festival of light. It’s a grandest festival of Hindus that is meant to be celebrated with huge amount of fervor and enthusiast. There would hardly be any Indian in India or any other country who doesn’t celebrate this diwali. It’s a festival of overall nation hence people wait for it keenly.

Diwali Crackers

Diwali Crackers

Deliver Diwali Crackers to your loved ones at their doorstep

Diwali is a festival that is subject to be celebrated with immense fervor and gusto however if your loved one is not with you to celebrate it together with the family then you should not think of it much because you can send them beautiful gifts online to make them feel your presence. If you don’t want to see your children sitting in the corner with dull faces then gift those Diwali Crackers online that would be delivered at their door step with quick and timely delivery.

Let your loved ones lit up with diyas and the skies, with colorful fireworks. What actually makes diwali amazing is that, everyone on this auspicious day creates their own show by lighting up their favorite Diwali crackers so your dear ones will also love it. Endow your dear kids with sparklers rather than the fireworks which are louder and having fewer explosions.

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Celebrate this Bhaidooj by Sending Attractively Wrapped Sweets to your Siblings

This year, Diwali is going to be celebrated on 13th of November 2013, and two days thereafter will come Bhai Dooj that stands for the love and affection between brothers & sisters. On the second day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month in Hindu calendar, is celebrated the festival of Bhau Beej or Bhai Phota, other names of Bhai Dooj. On this day sisters pray to almighty and put a divine tikka on their brothers’ forehead keeping them away from difficulties.

If you are planning to make this celebration unforgettable for your siblings no matter closer of apart, buy them some auspicious gifts.

bhai dooj gifts to india

bhai dooj gifts to india

Explore the collection of Indian Gifts Portal which brings an all-inclusive collection of gifts this season. Send combo gifts or gift hampers on Bhai Dooj gift to India. Leather belt, after shave, deo of famous brands, parker pen set, there is a lot more to choose from. Let your brothers realize your care. Send them these gifts to depict your love.

Though Bhai dooj tikka is the most essential part of this celebration, sweets and thalis are also said to be important for this festival. As legend goes, this celebration brings prosperity and wards off evil from brothers’ life.

Bhai dooj Sweets: Like all Indian festivals, guzzling sweets on this day is also a regular tradition. Bhai Dooj sweets of various types have an aura surrounding it which is quite relishing. Kaju sweets have a royal place in Indian festivals which capture everyone’s taste buds. Choosing an appropriate gift for brothers or sisters on this auspicious day might be cumbersome for some, so it’s a best bet to rely on sweets.

Apart from Kaju sweets, there are other delicacies too which can joyfully be gorged on this day. A box of rasogullas, soan papdi, gulab jamun are too relishing. Motichoor ladoos also make the celebration more joyous. If you like something special, you can opt for those gift hampers which not just include a box of yummy sweets but other gift items too. An ethnic Bhai Dooj pooja thali with a pack of sweets would make truly a wonderful gift. You can even adorn the thali with tikka and other essentials to make it more traditional.

While opting for a sweet hamper or box especially for this celebration, make sure you know about the preferences of your loved ones. Presenting them a pack of sweet which they love to gorge on, will fill them with utter excitement.

Make your Diwali Pooja Thali Stunning by Using these Innovative Tips

A significant constituent of Diwali festivities is the Pooja Thali that is used for traditional worship on that particular day. In most Indian households, the festival of Diwali doesn’t get started until the puja ceremony is accomplished.

Diwali Pooja Thali

Diwali Pooja Thali

A Diwali pooja thali is generally a plate made out of copper, silver, brass or sometimes gold plated material. This plate is used to store all those essentials that are compulsory during the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Adorned yet decked puja thali with accessories can be brought from the market or from an online gifting shop, but the delight of decking this special thali gives a sense of divine feeling. You can make this plate of worship quite elaborative by putting into use some Diwali decoration tips and ideas.

A Diwali Puja thali(http://diwali.indiangiftsportal.com/diwali-pooja-thali.html) can be elaborately decked with favorite colors and patterns. The auspicious items placed in this plate are coconut, sandalwood paste, roli paste, a small bell, incense sticks, flowers, sweets, and earthen diyas.

Diwali Puja Thali Decoration Ideas:

Go through these decoration ideas to give your thali a unique yet jazzy look.

  • In order to initiate the decoration, make a religious symbol at the center of the plate. Either you can make a Swastika symbol or opt for Om symbol. At the edges of the plate you can glue golden zari or silver zari. You can also choose sequins and glitter paste to adorn the plate.

  • Cover the whole plate with a colorful piece of cloth or paper sheet. Make a traditional design over it. The cloth or paper you have selected must have customary prints. Ensure the cloth you choose is of cotton material. Later highlight the corners with lace or zari of contrasting colors.
Diwali Sweets

Diwali Sweets

 Another way to decorate your plate is to take a mud clay plate & give it a colorful look by painting it with oil paints. Make traditional geometrical, dive or other designs with vibrant shades. It will give your thali a rangoli like appearance.

 Puja thali decoration can be fun during Diwali celebration, however if you run out of time opt for designer thalis. There are plenty of worship plates available online. Not just for religious purposes, but these plates can also be used as perfect Diwali gifts. Combine a puja thali with Diwali sweets to make an ultimate gift. Either you can make best use of your imagination or go for designer thalis to add to Diwali festivity.

IndianGiftsPortal, with its Great Variety of Gifts sets New Yardstick for Online Diwali Gifts Shopping

One portal which never fails to surprise its patrons with fabulous “Diwali Gifts Ideas” is the e-gifting leader of 14 years, the indisputable leader-www.indiangiftsportal.com.

When one sets out to purchase gifts for Diwali(http://diwali.indiangiftsportal.com) , he does it with an aim to completely floor his family members & the portal’s widest variety of diwali gifts ideas lets him just do that.

Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali Gift Ideas

The one stop pleasure of online Diwali gifts shopping is really addictive. Since Diwali is a time when people happily plan a makeover for their houses, the “home textile” section of the portal is a must visit. The red or the mustard “crochet table top” is a perfect match for placing “assorted dry-fruits” in a designer silver brass tray dipped in blue colour. The “mirror work cushion covers” will surely add to the liveliness of a neighbour’s living room. A loving sister in Bangalore will be thrilled to flaunt the “floral Jaipuri” or the “Jaipuri jagu print” bedsheets. Sunita, based out of Assam helped her mother in Delhi buy a new ‘handmade 8 pieces diwan set” to refurbish the grace of a 30 year old bedding.

The gifts for diwali section of the portal are laden with Diwali wall hangings, door hangings, diwali decorations & Diwali Lamps, Lanterns & traditional diyas. Whether it’s the “festive moments” of a door hanging or the “Dancing Peacocks keychain holder” they will only add to the ethnicity of the living room. Ornament the beautiful diwali rangoli with “gleaming crystal candle set.” Find the perfect match for the colourful alpana or the arrangement of flowers with Diwali diyas.

Any Diwali Gifts shopping is incomplete without buying fancy baskets, boxes & packages of Indian sweets, chocolates & dry-fruits but with a contemporary twist IndiaGiftsPortal lets you add cookies as well to this yummy list of Diwali Gifts shopping. The “Diwali Sparkler” of twin delights of rasgullas & soan papdi gel well with Cadbury’s cashew based chocolate. The hamper also includes a Ganesha wall-hanging & a blue glass lantern.

As an added bonus for online Diwali Gifts shopping, one cannot miss the “Diwali sale” section. The “red Luminary lamp” comes at  20% discount. Not one but gift your sister in Hyderabad two designer suits of “ Magnificent black” & “Lucknawi Andaz” as they come at a huge discount.


For the greatest pleasures & deals for Diwali Gifts shopping, IndianGiftsPortal is the name to reckon with. Don’t wait as it’s time to leisurely indulge in Online diwali Gifts Shopping.


Hey Guys, Diwali is round the corner so are you all done on making a clear decision what gifts will be preferable to surprise your loved ones???? If your answer is in NO then you must read this blog that will help you find something better indeed than what you have thought as this blog is gonna share some ideas which are extremely exhilarating and wonderful Diwali gifts.

diwali thali

Diwali, being the most celebrated festival of Hindus is meant to be celebrated with great fervor and enthusiast. As there are plentiful MUST Do things during this festival where first one is performing the austerities and pleasing the lord by offering pooja and the second one is the gift exchanging service that endows you an opportunity show your love and affection you have for your dear ones and considered to be the token of victory of good over evil.

In the current time, Diwali gifts have come far away than just the traditionally decorated Mithai Hampers and flowers. It’s basically about style, drama, more about modishness & flamboyance that express the right emotions through such gift items. Keeping all such all factors in mind, Indian Gifts Portal has got you a galore of magnificent Diwali gifts

Let’s have a quick look on such exclusive gift ideas

Booming Crackers – perfectly matched with Diwali celebration, a booming cracker gift hamper is absolutely stunning. This could be found in a classic Meenakari round box that is teamed up with salted dryfruits along with sweet Diwali greeting card. This will surely leave a cherishing smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Send a beautiful dry fruit bowl – Traditionally, dryfruits are the major part of diwali feasting and also used as the gift item to endow to your loved ones. So you can give a perfect set of German silver tray along with the bowls which are vividly chock-full with tempting assorted dry fruits. This is the one you probably can’t deny. Just order it online through Indian Gifts Portal and let the same be delivered to your dear ones with quick and timely online delivery.

Stylish Puja Thalis along with scrumptious chocolates – Chocolates have been the major part of Diwali celebration that is also believed to be the superb substitute for Diwali sweets(http://diwali.indiangiftsportal.com/diwali-mithai.html). It’s a must give gift hamper that you can endow to your dear ones. It’s a must give gift hamper that you can’t avoid. There would hardly be any person who doesn’t prefer including chocolates into his or her chocolate list.  So you can gift an attractive diwali pooja thali(http://diwali.indiangiftsportal.com/diwali-pooja-thali.html) along with potli of assorted chocolates. You won’t go wrong with this discriminating Diwali gifts.

Attractive Diwali Diyas- As lighting Diyas is confirmed to be a significant part of Diwali celebration; you can gift some beautiful Diyas to your loved ones on this eve. Let’s order for the exclusive range of Diwali Diyas that are appealing in design and make this fest more enchanting.

Go Online to Send Best Diwali Gifts & Add to Loved Ones’ Festive Fever!

Festivals are rejoiced with great fun, gaiety, fervor and enthusiasm by all, especially Indians no matter whether they reside in their own homeland or are settled seven seas across due to their professional or personal commitments. Raksha Badhan, Holi, Dussehra, Lohri are some famous festivals in India. Amongst these, Diwali or Deepawali is by far the most awaited as it is rejoiced not just by people belonging to Hindu community, but also Jains, Buddhists, and so on. Observed in the mid October-November (Kartik month as per Hindu calendar), this year it is going to fall on 3rd November 2013. Diwali lasts for five days starting from Dhanteras & ending with Bhai Dooj. Decorating home, with flowers, colorful rangolis and illuminating each corner with earthen diyas are important parts of this celebration. This is the reason why this celebration is called the festival of lights.

Send Diwali gifts Online

Send Diwali gifts Online

Well if due to some reasons, you are unable to be with your loved ones on this occasion, you can always be a part of the celebration by sending Diwali gifts to India(http://diwali.indiangiftsportal.com) through Indian Gifts Portal. This is an online gifting portal which is well-established yet recognized for its excellent yet massive gift range. As Diwali is one amongst major celebrations of India, this gifting portal showcases a magnificent range of items that you can send as Diwali gifts.

Amazingly decked earthen lamps, wall hangings, spiritual items, rangoli are some popular gift items to choose from. However, if you are searching for something traditional then sending sweets & dryfruits on Diwali 2013 will be excellent ideas.

Diwali celebration without sweets is unheard of. Bearing this in mind, Indian Gifts Portal brings you a lip smacking range of sweets in the ‘Diwali Sweets’ segment. You can take your pick from mewa peda, laddoo, kaju barfi, kaju katli, rasogulla and many more. Some of these delicacies are also available in colorful handmade thalis as well as trays which offer an event a festive touch. Also, a gold plated thali imprinted with the image of goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha is included with this. As the site sources all of its sweets from renowned brands, you can rest assured regarding the quality as well as taste. For more choices, you can navigate through its Diwali Sweet Hampers as well.

Apart from that dry fruits are also excellent gifting options for this celebration. Since immemorial, dry fruits are gifted to express happiness as well as prosperity. Therefore, to keep this tradition alive, Indian Gifts Portal displays a range of dry fruits offered in exotic packs, trays and containers. Almonds, cashews, raisins, chestnuts, nuts, etc. are some of the premium options to choose from.

Since you know when is Diwali, & the range of gifts available. Just make your selection and send Diwali gifts to India to wish your family and friends.


With just the departure of Diwali, the city gets set to welcome another most virtuous festival celebrated among siblings “Bhai Dooj”. It falls on the second day of the new moon. It’s a festival dedicated to the intense love care siblings have for each other. It will be celebrated just after 24 hours of Diwali on 5th November 2013 on Thursday. Sisters are prepared to wish their brothers good luck and loads of prosperity in lives.

bhai dooj gifts

bhai dooj gifts

Bhai Dooj’ or ‘Yama Dwitiya’ has an interesting legend behind its origin. Yamraj, who’s a god of death once, visited his sister Yami. She then, welcomed him and applied the auspicious Tilak on his forehead; she garlanded him and then arranged luscious meal for him. Yamraj got impressed with this and give blessings to his sister as the token of love. And, finally while parting, he proclaimed that anyone who will receive Tilak on his forehead on this pious day will never see a bad day. 

Indians look forward for this festival desperately, it’s a second festival that commemorates the love and affection shared between siblings in India. As sisters get a shower of gifts that is a form of love and affection their brothers have for them, brothers also receive ‘kerav’ (dried and hardened peas) sent their sisters  so you can say that like other festivals of Hindus gifting plays a significance role In this festival as well.

Siblings who’ve parted can now convey their warm regards with each other with help of e-gifting services. Online gifting sites are allowing you to send Bhai Dooj gifts to India(http://bhaidooj.indiangiftsportal.com) to siblings with quick and timely delivery. Online shopping stores are drawing more customers this season with the help of their great deals being offered on the shopping websites.

Reasons that have been drawing more and more online shoppers is the price tags of Bhai dooj gifts which are comparatively less than market price and numbers of free gifts, reward points and discount codes on offer. E-gifting stores give you a different shopping experience and captivate you with its lucrative discount offers and schemes. So if you are really looking for right and affordable Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers or Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters then online shopping sites are just right to fulfill your needs.

You can freely place an order for your preferred Gift, make payment and it will be delivered to your dearest sibling at his or her address. Make sure that you have mentioned right address and contact number while filling the contact details. Most of the people don’t know that Bhai Dooj is celebrated twice a year, once after Holi and then after Diwali. ‘Dooj’ or Duj denotes that the festival falls on second day after full moon. But the one celebrated after Diwali is core celebrated with huge gusto.