Don’t Let Distance Affect Your Rakhi Celebrations

India is a country which celebrates a wide variety of festivals and has many rituals and customs. We have festivals for all the things and people in life that makes us grateful. Rakhi is one such festival which celebrates one of the most underrated relations between humans; the relationship shared between a brother and a sister. It is that time of the year when the close bond between the two takes center stage. This festival is one of the rare festivals which is not bound by religion. People from different religious backgrounds, castes, and creed join in on the celebrations as a brother swears to protect his sister.

The Rakhi celebrations are one that plays a significant role in almost everyone’s growing years. However, as time passes and different calls of duties separate the brother and the sister geographically, the festival still holds a special place in the heart of both. Even when the two are apart from one another, they still look to find ways to let each other know that they still mean the world to them. One of the best ways to let your sibling know that they still hold a special place in your heart is by sending them a Rakhi and a gift on this day. There are thousands of people who celebrate Rakhi in Mauritius. If you too have a brother or a sister living there, then you can send Rakhi to Mauritius which are very well designed and easy to send.

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They have an extensive service range and an efficient delivery system which allows you to Send Rakhi to Grand Gaube, Rakhi to Goodlands, Mauritius and other areas within Mauritius without having to worry about delays in delivery. The collection of rakhis at this online store is very stylish. You can choose from a wide range of rakhis for your brother depending on his personality. On this website, you will find rakhis which are elegant, sober, quirky and fun. So you can choose one for your brother and send Rakhi to Triolet or send Rakhi to Curepie or any other region.

If you want to send your sister or brother a Rakhi gift, then you can choose from an excellent collection of thoughtful gifts. These gifts will make the two you reminiscent the good old days. So if you too want to make this Rakhi a special one then go ahead and check this website and select a gift that will make this special occasion an even more special one.

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Rakhi and gifts: The challenge to find your sister the perfect gift

Rakhi is by far the cutest India festival. India is the only country that has a day to celebrate the bong between a brother and sister. Unlike Valentine’s day or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, this day allows you to express you love to your best friends to your sibling. This day is all about you too. So, it is important that you take time out to make special preparations to celebrate this day with your sibling.

Traditionally on this day a sister ties a beautifully woven rakhi on her brother’s hand and in return asks her brother to protect her. Along with making his sister this wow, a brother has an important duty to fulfil and that is to ensure he buys her a fantastic present.


Every guy in India knows that this responsibility is not to be taken lightly and he must put on the time and effort to but his beloved sisters a fabulous present. Sister all over the country and even those overseas spent weeks finding the perfect rakhi, and then travels across the country to meet her brother just to tie him this rakhi. So, it is essential that she be treated like a princess.

But today’s busy and hectic life often make it impossible for us to for a lot of people take the time out to go shopping. Now only do people have limited time, the markets are flooded during festival days. Making it even harder to shop.

But those concern should not worry you anymore as you all now have access to Indian Gift Portals online rakhi store. We stock an extensive selection of gifts carefully selected by our team for you lovely sisters. You have the choice of delicious cakes, beautiful and fragrant flowers, gift sets, soft toys and the list goes on. We can also customize gifts for you, should you wish to put personal touch making the present ever so special.

Out online shopping store ensures that you have a spectacular shopping experience, without the hustle and bustle of busy market streets from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to go from shop to shop all you need to do is shortlist all your selections and then take your time to select the perfect present. It’s so easy that you don’t even need to make special plans to go shopping. You can browse through our online store even when you are at work.

Moreover, online shopping is not only beneficial for those who of you who don’t live in the same city as your sisters. Even if you live in the same city or even the same house, you can shop online and get stuff delivered to your work. This way you can keep your sisters present a secret until it’s time to give it to her.

Our efficient delivery system will ensure your sister gets her present no matter where she is. We will make sure the gifts are delivered on time and you can keep track of delivery through our tracking system.

Send Rakhi: The Thread of Love to Bangalore

In India we celebrate different festivals and follow several rituals and cultures, it is a great way to bond with family. Rakhi is one such special festival to celebrate the bond shared between sister and brother.

The festival of rakhi symbolized love, happiness affection and special bond between brother and sister. It is celebrated in the month of August during full moon day. The beautiful occasion of Rakhi is the best time for sister and brother to fondly remember the moment they have to spend together, it can be happiness, sorrows , funny moments in short everything.

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Celebrate the sacred bond of sister and brother love by Rakhi Gifts Delivery to Bangalore, if the significant other is in Bangalore. You can also a send beautiful Rakhi to Bangalore if your brother stays there. In addition to it, you can also select from a huge range of beautiful Rakhis. Chose the best and send the Rakhi to Bangalore .

As per the ritual, the sister applies tilak on the forehead of her brother and ties Rakhi and does the arti and prays for his good health.In return, the brother promises to take care of her and shower her with Rakhi gifts. This Rakhi if your brother is in Bangalore and he is not able to visit you due to work or any other commitments, you can celebrate the occasion and share the same love. The best possible way is to send Rakhi to Bangalore.  This will bring happiness and smile on your brother’s face. If your sister stays in Bangalore you can also send Rakhi Gifts Delivery to Bangalore.

There are several choices when it comes to selecting the perfect gift option for your sister and brother, you can send Rakhis, sweets, chocolates as gifts and the Rakhi Gifts Delivery to Bangalore can be done easily.


Celebrating the Bond between Brothers and Sisters

The festival of Rakhi will make you feel the essence and beauty of brother sister relationship. There may be several occasions where you fail to express or communicate the love for your siblings.

On the occasion of Rakhi, you can send Rakhi Gifts Delivery to Bangalore. It is a great way to let your sister and brother know that they will always hold a special place in your heart.

The Rakhi celebration is very important in almost everyone’s life, due to professional commitments or education and other duties brothers and sister may live in the different geographical area but the festival of Rakhi always has a special place in their hearts. The auspicious festival of Rakhi is a way to cherish the joy of havings loving brothers and caring sisters. The thread of love beautifully describes the strength and emotional bonding of brother sister relationship. The best way to shower the love is by sending them a Rakhi to Bangalore or somewhere else.

With the development in technology, Rakhi to Bangalore can be sent very easily. There are several websites that can send rakhis and gift to your siblings living in Bangalore or any other place. You can get the best and latest collections of unique rakhis and gifts from The best part is, they can deliver the Rakhi to Bangalore or to even the remote place within the committed period. You can Send Rakhi to Bangalore, and they will deliver it within 3-4 days.


Make Your Rakhi Celebration More Fun with Unique Rakhi via IGP

Rakhi is a traditional festival, which is celebrated wholeheartedly all over India and in various parts of Nepal. It is one of the most sought after festivals in India, and almost everyone looks forward to celebrating it with their family members or relatives. Rakhi commemorates the eternal love and the beautiful relationship shared between brothers and sisters. Rakhi is a special knot, which not only symbolizes unconditional love, but also the vow taken by brothers to take care of their sisters till the end of time. The most beautiful part of its celebration is this special Tikka ceremony, before which sisters arrange Rakhi Thali. Then, they apply Roli Chawal Tikka to their brothers, tie Rakhi, offer them traditional sweets like Mithai or Laddoo, and pray for their successful and healthy life. After this ceremony, sisters and brothers give gifts to each other. Traditionally, sisters also tie Rakhi to their sisters in law.

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So, there are a lot of people who have been preferring online gifting or shopping for the last few years. In today’s world, you can send Rakhi online to your close ones from IGP, without any trouble, and that too, with just a few clicks. There are multiple Rakhi gift ideas and Rakhis online, which you can consider ordering for your cousins or siblings.

IGP has an Assorted Collection of Rakhi


Indian Gifts Portal is a highly trusted online gift portal in India, which allows its customers to finalize gifts for their special ones, according to age, occasion, relationship, and personality. It has an assorted collection of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts at its gift store. It has Rakhi Sets, Rakhi hampers, Rakhi Gift Hampers, personalized Rakhi gifts, and many more. Some of the unique Rakhi types available at IGP are silver Rakhi, Gold Rakhi, Kundan Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, and Beaded Rakhi. So, buy Rakhi online for your Bhaiya from IGP, and make his face shine with utmost amazement. If you are looking for unique online Rakhi in India, IGP is exactly where you should be, as it not only gives you a wide range of gifts, but also ensures timely delivery, and an incredibly smooth online gifting experience.

IGP Offers Seamless Online Rakhi Delivery in Germany

IGP not only delivers in more than 300 cities in India, but also delivers across 90+ nations, e.g. Australia, UK, the USA, the UAE, Canada, and Germany. So, if your cousin or sibling is studying or working in Germany, and will not be able to join you this Raksha Bandhan, send Rakhi to Germany from IGP, without any inconvenience. IGP will ensure you get to savour its seamless online Rakhi delivery service in Germany. You can also send Rakhi online to India from any other country via IGP, and give your siblings or cousins in India a huge reason to miss you more than before.  It also offers free shipping across India, so you can send exciting Rakhi gifts or Rakhi from one city in India to another, without any shipping charges.


Rakhi online shopping in India gets easier

With rakhi nearing next month, you must have been busy shopping for rakhis for your brother. Just like every year, you will hit the market, wander a few shops and end up buying a rakhi which you are not even sure of. Your brothers deserve something special on this day. So, this Raksha Bandhan do rakhi online shopping India. Choosing and sending a rakhi online is quite easy. You have a wide range of rakhis to select from. Besides, if you are away from your brother who is living in Bangalore, you can send rakhi online to Bangalore in just one click from India’s largest online gifting portal, IGP. IGP has an extensive coverage in Bangalore and its whereabouts which makes sending online rakhis to Bangalore convenient. So, for a hassle-free experience, this rakhi go for online rakhi shopping.

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The brother-sister bond

The bond between brothers and sisters is unique and inexplicable. Right from the time of childhood, it is all about the squabbles and pranks they have pulled on each other. But despite all that, the love and affection shared is beyond everything. Just think of all those times you made your little brother play dress up or tea parties or brothers, when you had wrestling matches and cycle races with your sisters. The secrets you shared and the ones you tattled on later in life to the bro-sis meetings y’all had. But no matter what, whether little or big, our brothers have always protected us in all circumstances be it at home, in school or on the playground. Such bond deserves a special treatment.

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Most brothers are especially particular when it comes to ones their sisters’ dates. And they won’t tolerate anyone saying anything to their sisters. They just want the best for them and are always there, no matter what. Now this bond may not always be blood related, it could even be between friends or relatives, but whatever it maybe that bond is special. Through all our ups and downs brothers shoulder never leave our side. And that’s why we celebrate that one day in a year to felicitate the best man in our lives and show our appreciation for all they do for us. And that day is Raksha Bandha. Raksha Banadhan 2017 will be celebrated on 7th of August this year. So, if you are worried about its celebration, you can send rakhi online to India and anywhere across the globe in just on click through rakhi online shopping.

Send Rakhi to Australia from India via IGP

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion which is widely celebrated in India and Nepal and by Indians in many other countries like Australia, UK, UAE among others.. Rakhi 2017 is on 7th August. It honours the relationship shared between brothers and sisters. Its festivity involves a really special ceremony, which is followed by exchange of gifts between brother and sisters. In that Tikka ceremony, sisters apply Roli Chawal Tikka on their forehead, tie Rakhi on their wrist, and offer them traditional sweets like Mithai and Barfis. Sisters pray for their prosperous life, and brothers vow to protect their sisters forever. Then, brothers and sisters give gifts to each other. The celebration of Rakhi also involves one more tradition tying Rakhi on Bhabhi’s wrist. So, Rakhi definitely brings out immense excitement and joy in people, and gives people a reason to have a good time with their family and relatives.


Many people buy Rakhi gifts or Rakhis online for their siblings from retail stores or gift shops. However, this trend has vanished due to the strong emergence of online gifting as a more hassle-free gifting or shopping option. Online gift portals not only give you more time to compare and finalize products, but also give you a diverse collection of gifts to choose from. So, this Raksha Bandhan, go for online shopping, buy Rakhi online for your siblings or cousins from a trusted online gift portal, and savour friction-less online Rakhi delivery.

IGP has a Varied Collection of Rakhis

IGP has a varied collection of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts at its online gift store. There are multiple Rakhis available at IGP, for e.g. Kundan Rakhis, Silver Rakhis, Gold Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, and Bracelet Rakhis. It also has Lumba Rakhis, which are uniquely made for Bhabhi. It has an impressive collection of Rakhi Sets and Rakhi Hampers. You can find Sets of 2 Rakhis, Sets of 3 Rakhis, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Combos, and Sets of 5 Rakhis. Moreover, you can also find hampers like Rakhi with Sweets, Personalized Rakhi Hampers, Rakhi with Dry Fruits, and Rakhi with chocolates. So, send silver Rakhi online with some mouth-watering sweets to your brother from IGP, and make his celebration memorable. Apart from these, IGP also has multiple Rakhi gift ideas, e.g. Rakhi gift hampers, personalized Rakhi gifts, single Rakhi gifts, and many more.


Send Rakhis & Rakhi Gift Hampers Worldwide with IGP

IGP delivers in more than 300 cities in India, and not only that, it also delivers across 90+ countries, e.g. Australia, UK, the USA, the UAE, and Singapore. So, if your brother is in Australia, and will not join you this Raksha Bandhan for some reasons, you can send Rakhi to Australia from India via IGP, and give him goose bumps of happiness. All you have to do is order your chosen products, and IGP will ensure that your sibling or cousin enjoys smooth online Rakhi delivery in Australia. Moreover, you can also send Rakhi to India from Australia via IGP, without any inconvenience. So, Buck Up! Make this Rakhi celebration for your brother in Australia more fun with unique Rakhis and Rakhi gifts.

Shop for Beautiful Silver Rakhi Online

Rakhsha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a Hindu festival, celebrated by the people of different religions in India. On this day, sisters tie Rakhis (sacred thread) on wrists of their brother.

Sisters usually, start shopping for Rakhi in the markets day before the occasion. Markets are flooded with stalls of rakhis which are displayed haphazardly. Looking for that perfect rakhi for your brother gets difficult with such inapt way of shopping. Therefore, it is recommended to buy rakhis online for your brother where you can get the best quality with affordable prices.  You can shop for better rakhis online. There is a broad range of rakhis available online. This article talks about types of rakhis available online which are also the bestsellers since years. There are so many varieties to choose from. We get you a list of the bestsellers.

silver rakhi images

Different Types of Rakhi

Silver Rakhis are crafted with coatings of silver metal- giving it a rich look. The pendant in the center is given a shop of God. These rakhis are the little bit on the expensive side. Floral Rakhis are made up of various artificial flowers. The thread of these rakhis is available in fancy as well as in simple design. These rakhis exude a bit of traditionalistic look.

Resham Rakhis, Zari Rakhis and Rakhis with Stones

The thread of a resham Rakhi is made up of reshami cloth. These rakhis are colorful and designed with attractive God pendants. They are pocket-friendly. The central motif of the Zari Rakhi has zari imparted to it, which makes glitters. The thread is available in both- fancy as well as simple design. The motif of stone rakhis is carved using precious stones like topaz, opal, etc. which makes them a bit expensive than other rakhis. They look attractive and are appealing.

Kids Rakhis and Beads Rakhis

Kids Rakhi are funky meant for brothers of age 1-12 years old. These rakhis have cartoon characters designed in the center. These characters are Superman, Micky Mouse, Spiderman, Donald Duck, etc. Off late, you will also find Whatsapp Rakhi and Facebook rakhi online too.

As the name suggests, bead rakhis have beads rounded into their threads. Different colored beads are attractively arranged to impart a glorious look to these rakhis

All these rakhis are now available on IGP, India’s largest online gifting portal. So, make this Raksha Bandhan memorable by shopping a unique rakhi for your brother. You can also send rakhi online to your brother staying in India or any other country in just one click.