Five Stunning Flower Hamper Ideas for Your Mom in Kolkata

Flowers have always been one of the most popular gifts for any special occasion, e.g. wedding, anniversary, farewell, or Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day 2018 is falling on the 13th of May and you must be eagerly waiting to celebrate it with your mom living in Kolkata. There are plenty of ways to jazz up her celebration and sending Mother’s Day gifts online to Kolkata for her is definitely one of the best ways to do it.

Other than Mother’s Day flowers, you can also find a lot of exciting flower hampers online that would definitely make your mom feel extra special as hampers are like a bundle of happiness. You can find a wide variety of flower hampers online featuring assorted products like personalized gifts, gourmet gifts, and greeting cards. There are so many flower gift ideas for moms online that it would be hassle free for you to find perfect flower gifts for your mom based on what she likes. Here is a list of 5 stunning flower hamper Ideas, which would definitely make your mom in Kolkata feel a surge of childlike happiness running through her:

1. Mix flowers, chocolates, and a greeting card


A lovely gift hamper containing a bouquet of mix flowers, tempting chocolates, and a greeting card is going to make an ideal Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Chocolates would satiate her taste buds, a greeting card would move her, and flowers would brighten up her mood like anything.

2. Pink carnations, a teddy bear, and chocolates

A gift set featuring a bouquet of pink carnations, a teddy bear, and delicious chocolates is definitely going to make her day extra special. Chocolates would kindle the chocoholic in her and a teddy bear along with pink carnations, which are the symbol of a mother’s undying love, would make her immensely glad.

3. Pink roses, chocolates, and a fruit basket

A gift set comprising of pink roses, scrumptious chocolates, and a fruit basket having mix fruits is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Chocolates and fruit baskets would fill her with excitement and pink roses would make her realize how much she means to you.

4. Red gerberas and sweets

A hamper, featuring red gerberas and sweets like Kaju Katli or Rossogulla, is exciting enough to boost your mom’s mood. Red gerberas would show how immense your love for her is and sweets would tempt the sweets lover in her.

5. Purple Orchids and dry fruits

A gift hamper containing purple orchids and dry fruits would also be a special Mother’s Day gift. Purple orchids signify respect and admiration so these flowers would make her realize how much you admire her for being the most important person in your life, and dry fruits would keep her happy and healthy.

On an interesting note, if you want to send Mother’s Day gifts to Kolkata for your mom urgently, sending cakes or flowers is a pretty good idea to go ahead with. You can opt for same day delivery in Kolkata and send Mother’s Day flowers online within 24 hours. Or, you can opt for midnight gift delivery and send a Mother’s Day cake online for your mom in Kolkata sharp at 12 O’clock. Apart from these gifts, you can also consider jewellery, personalized gifts, handbags, and clutches. Hurry Up! Pick any of the suggested Mother’s Day flower gift hamper ideas online and enjoy reliable online Mother’s Day gift delivery in Kolkata.



Personalized Mother’s Day Mugs and Pillows are trending for good reasons

Love is giving your mother a warm good night hug before you go to sleep. Not so surprisingly, love is also taking a day off and making your mother feel extra special by being there with her on Mother’s Day. This special day is coming soon, and gifting is definitely the best way to make it more exciting for your mother. Now you must be wondering what you should buy for her considering the variety of options you find online. IGP, as a reliable and the largest online gift portal in India, is here to not only eradicate the confusion for you but also give you a fully satisfying online gifting experience. It has offered a varied range of Mother’s Day gifts. Personalized mugs and pillows for your mother are, undoubtedly, two of the most perfect gifts that it has. These gifts are special as they can be customized with high-resolution photos and texts and made more eccentric. Not only that, a good mug can make your Mother like her morning coffee sessions more and a comfy lovely cushion can be a good source of much-needed relaxation for her.

Check Out IGP’s Impressive Range of Personalized Mother’s Day Cushions and Pillows

IGP has an exclusive collection of personalized gifts that consists of multiple personalized mugs as well as personalized pillows for Mother’s Day. You can personalize them with any beautiful message you want to convey to your mother or a high-resolution picture of you and your mother that always reminds her of how much you love her. There are plenty of cool text samples like Best Mom, Supermom, and Multitasking mom available there that you can use to personalized your chosen products with. So, apart from making this day as one of the best days of her life with all your undivided attention, love, and beautiful surprises, gift her something special by choosing Mother’s Day pillows or mugs for her.


You can also find plenty of pillow or mug hampers containing other exciting gifts like personalized photo notebooks and personalised clocks. When it comes to perfection in gifts, that is achieved when the gifts you choose for your loved ones or colleagues reflect one or more of their interests. So, if your mother is a huge coffee lover, send personalised coffee mugs on Mother’s Day and fill her with massive joy. If her love for the feeling she gets when she rests her head or back on a comfy cushion is inevitable and she is fond of stylish cushions, send personalized cushions on Mother’s Day for her and make her feel childlike happiness.


IGP also offers hassle-free international Mother’s Day gift delivery

IGP also delivers abroad, and its international delivery network spans over 90 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the UAE, and New Zealand. So, if your mother is in the USA and you would not be able to be there with her on Mother’s Day, choose personalized photo mugs for Mother’s Day and make up for it in a special way. You can also choose personalized mugs for your mom anywhere abroad via IGP and send them to India just in case you are living abroad, and your mother is in India. So, IGP is here to give you one more way to make Mother’s Day memorable for your mother. Buck Up! Gift personalized Mother’s Day mugs or cushions to her via IGP and enjoy impeccable online gift delivery.


Make your Holi Celebrations Memorable with Tasty Indian Sweets

Holi is a colour festival, and it is one of the most joyous occasions for people in India. This is a day when people spend time with their loved ones. Friends and family gather at one place and enjoy this day with great happiness. Amongst all other festivals in India, Holi is a festival that can be celebrated with anyone regardless of the community one belongs to. This is an important day as it celebrates the victory of good over evil. Celebrating this festival conveys the message of happiness in unity, faith in the good and patience. Therefore, there is a slogan that goes well with this festival “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai” meaning don’t feel bad its Holi.

This is a day that celebrates freedom in a true sense, i.e. people can be themselves on this day. Children can be naughty and elders don’t mind it. You also get to witness the inner kid in the elders that are seldom seen on other occasions. Just like any other festival, Holi cannot be celebrated without tasting delicious Indian sweets. One of the most special Holi sweets is gujiya. It is a tempting Indian sweet made with khoya, flour and sugar syrup. Apart from gujiyas, there are other Indian sweets as well that are enjoyed on this special occasion. Sweets like laddu, Kaju Barfi, Mewa Barfi, Gajak are also enjoyed on this festival


Buy Holi Sweets Online for Loved Ones Who are Away

Holi is best enjoyed in the presence of loved ones. But if your close ones are away, you can still make them a part of your celebrations by sending Holi mithai and gujiya gifts. Choosing Holi sweets delivery online is the best way to get connected to your friends and family living away from you. Online portals offer a plethora of options while you go for Holi online shopping. is one site where you will find some of the best Holi gifts that range from Holi colours to pichkari to Holi sweets & gujiyas online. The site offers assorted natural colours, tasty Indian sweets like Mewa Barfi, Cassata Role, Dry Fruits Laddus, Anjeer Barfi and much more. You can also buy Holi pichkari and other gifts for your loved ones. The site offers free shipping in India. You can also choose express delivery from the website and get your gifts delivered on the same day from this website. So, send Holi gifts for your mother, father, brother, sister, friends or colleagues and celebrate this Holi 2018 is a joyous manner. Make your gifting hassle-free by choosing IGP as your gifting partner for this important Indian festival.

Send Kiss Day 2018 Gifts Online from IGP

Valentine week 2018 has just started, and everyone in love wishes to make their partner feel extra special on each day of this week. This week consists of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. An intimate kiss can make you shrug off everything in your mind and just be lost in the moment. It is a passionate way to express your love for your partner and surely spices up the romantic mood they are in. This Kiss Day, begin your celebration of Valentine’s Day with your partner in a special way and send exciting Valentine Kiss Day 2018 gifts to him or her online from IGP.


Take a Look at IGP’s Broad Range of Kiss Day Gifts

Since IGP yearns to make every occasion more special for all its customers; it has offered to all of you its exclusive collection of Kiss Day gifts. This impressive collection of gifts for Kiss Day includes romantic gifts like soft toys, chocolate hampers, heart-shaped cushions, and flower hampers. At IGP, you can also find unique personalized romantic gifts like personalized cushions, mugs, chocolates, photo engraved wooden plaques, and heart-shaped puzzles. You can personalize these gifts with high-resolution pictures or romantic texts and grace their look with a personal touch.


With the assistance of their extensive gift categorization, IGP allows you to find perfect gifts for your loved ones based on their personality. So, if your girlfriend likes to stud the front wall of her room with photo frames, buy a personalized photo frame for her from IGP that reminds her of you every time she sees it. Or, if your chocoholic boyfriend is not as romantic as you are but you want him to step up his game, send a personalized heart-shaped puzzle with chocolates to him and amaze him with your incredible choice.

Relish a Wonderful Online Gifting Experience via IGP

IGP offers next day delivery, midnight delivery, and express delivery exclusively on flowers, flower hampers, and cakes in India. Not only that, IGP delivers in more than 350 cities in India and offers free shipping all over India. So, if you are in Bangalore and your girlfriend is in Mumbai, you can send Kiss Day gifts online to her from IGP without any shipping charges. IGP also delivers globally, and some of the countries its international delivery network covers are Australia, Canada, the US, UK, the UAE, Singapore, and New Zealand. So, if your girlfriend is in Australia and you want to bring a little more romance to your long distance relationship, buy and send Kiss Day gifts online to Canada from IGP. So, Buck Up! Send Kiss Day gifts online to your partner from IGP and make them feel extremely delighted!


Send Valentine’s Day Flowers with Chocolates to your Partner from IGP and Liven Up your Date Night

There are no restrictions as to what Valentine’s Day gifts you should pick for your significant half as such. However, needless to say, flowers are the most failsafe Valentine’s Day gift as gifting flowers to show how much you love someone has been a popular tradition for ages. Similarly, gifting chocolates is a great way to make someone feel a surge of immense excitement running through them, especially extreme chocoholics. The urge to get lost in the world of chocolate is irresistible, so chocolates make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, too.


IGP has several unique flowers, e.g. roses, carnations, orchids, and gerberas. It also has beautiful floral arrangements like hand-tied bouquets and vases. IGP’s diverse gift collection has it all for you that you need to spice up your Valentine’s Day celebration with your partner, including hampers featuring chocolates and flower bouquets. So, buy Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates online for your love and make her feel so happy that she just cannot contain her happiness. On an interesting note, IGP offers same day and midnight Valentine’s Day flowers delivery in India, so you can send flower hampers from one part of India to another within 24 hours or sharp at 12 O’clock. If you are late and wish to send the best Valentine’s Day gifts with flowers and chocolates within 24 hours, just place your order before 4pm, and enjoy same day Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolate delivery. If it is past 4pm and you want to send Valentine’s Day flowers and tempting chocolates within 24 hours, place your order, opt for express online flowers and chocolates delivery, and your job is done.


Not only do you get to enjoy a satisfying online gifting experience at IGP, but you also have plenty of gift options on your plate while finalizing, so choose IGP, and let it make you and your partner enjoy their hassle-free gift delivery service. It also helps you choose perfect gifts for your close ones based on their psyche. So, if your girlfriend has a thing for chocolates, you can buy personalized chocolates for her from IGP, and make her feel massively elated. Similarly, you can choose photo frames for those who love to capture moments or re-view old pictures from time to time, or teddy bears for those who love to cuddle soft toys, personalized wine glasses for wine lovers, and so on.

This Valentine’s Day, Choose Flowers and Cakes for Your Partner

Your significant half is a big reason for your happiness and definitely knows how to make you feel good about yourself at any given point in time. Valentine’s Day is an occasion which gives you a chance to do the same and show your partner how much they mean to you. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, falling short of words is quite common, so gifting and spending time with your partner is the best way to elate her/him immensely. As a highly trusted online gift portal, IGP intends to make Valentine’s Day 2018 memorable for you with its unique services and diverse collection of Valentine’s Day gifts.


Flowers and cakes are not only failsafe but also highly popular. These two gift categories are special because they never fail to bring a little more excitement into the vibe of any special occasion and fill people with vast joy. Order Valentine’s Day flowers with cakes for your partner from IGP and give her an experience that remains permanently stitched to her heart as a beautiful memory!

Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers and Cakes Combos Online from IGP

IGP’s collection of flowers and cakes consists of hampers. Flowers and Cakes are the best combinations for Valentine’s Day, and IGP provides next day delivery on this exclusive combo in India. So, you can order a Valentine’s Day flowers and cakes combo from IGP at any time, and get it delivered within 24 hours anywhere in India. IGP strives to offer a pleasing online gifting experience and make every event more exciting for its customers. So, send Valentine’s Day flowers with cakes online from IGP, and enjoy hassle-free online gift delivery!

IGP Offers Hassle-free Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts Delivery

Flowers undoubtedly make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. IGP has a varied range of flowers, including orchids, lilies, roses, and carnations. You can find unique flower hampers and floral arrangements at IGP, e.g. flower bouquets and vases. If your girlfriend is in India and you are in Australia, send Valentine’s Day flowers to India from IGP and enjoy hassle-free online flower delivery in India. IGP delivers across 90+ countries all over the world, including Australia, Singapore, the USA, UK, and New Zealand.

Send Valentine’s Day Cakes to Your Partner from IGP

On an interesting note, IGP offers same day and midnight delivery on flowers and cakes. It has plenty of cake flavours, e.g. butterscotch, vanilla, black forest, chocolate, and pineapple. If your girlfriend living in Mumbai is a vegetarian and you want to send your gift within 24 hours, you can buy an eggless cake for her online from IGP, without any shipping charges, and enjoy reliable same day Valentine’s Day cake delivery. Or, you can order Valentine cakes online for your partner, get them delivered sharp at 12 O’clock on Valentine’s Day, and relish IGP’s unique midnight delivery service. You can also find personalized cakes at IGP, which you can customize with a high-resolution photo of you and your partner.


Send Valentines Gifts Worldwide Online from IGP with Free Shipping

When you love someone, every day with them is as special as it can get, but Valentine’s Day is that occasion on which your partner expects you to make it extra special with gifts and your presence. There are plenty of types of Valentine’s Day gifts at IGP, including chocolates, soft toys, personalized mugs, jewellery, and flowers. As a reliable online gift portal, IGP yearns to make Valentine’s Day 2018 a beautiful experience for you and your partner, regardless of where you are. It has a broad range of Valentine gifts worldwide online. So, send Valentines gifts worldwide online and enjoy a fulfilling gifting experience!


IGP offers free shipping all over India, regardless of what you choose. You can send any gift from one part of India to another via IGP without any shipping charges. IGP delivers on a global level, too and some of the 90+ nations that its international delivery network includes are Australia, Canada, Singapore, the USA, UK, and the UAE. However, IGP has exclusively offered free shipping worldwide on this exclusive collection of gifts. This Valentine’s Day, send gifts to USA, UK, Canada, & worldwide without any shipping charges. All you have to do is order your preferred gifts online from IGP, and it is going to give you hassle-free international Valentine’s Day gift delivery.  Some of the best international gift ideas that you can consider buying for your partner from IGP are chocolate hampers, greeting cards, coaster sets, key chains, and ethnic wear. IGP has a fully connected global network, so gifting via IGP is definitely going to be a hassle-free experience.


Choose Perfect Gifts for Your Partner Based on Their Personality

Here, you can choose perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner based on their personality. If your boyfriend living in Canada is a nerd or likes to spend a considerable amount of time working, buy a quirky print diary with a pen and a pen set for him and show how thoughtful you are. Or, if your girlfriend living in Australia is an extreme chocoholic and cannot resist the urge to finish a box of chocolate in a day, buy a chocolate hamper containing homemade chocolates and a photo frame for her! When you have too many options, it is normal to get confused. However, in such times the only consideration that can help you choose appropriate gifts for your partner is that the gifts you finalize for them have to trigger one or more of their obsessions or interests. Perfect gifts never fail to reflect the personality of recipients, so send perfect Valentine gifts worldwide to your partner with free shipping and enjoy reliable online gift delivery.

This Valentine don’t Let the Distance Hamper your Celebrations

Valentine’s Day, the day of love is just around the corner, and people are already busy gearing up for joyous celebrations. On this day people love to spend quality time with their beloved. Present them gifts and express love in their distinct ways. Being together on this day of love is one of the most important aspects of celebrating this day. But what if your beloved is away from you on the this  Valentine’s Day. Surely you will miss her/him nevertheless you can still celebrate this special occasion with your beloved put up in the USA. Express the warmth of your love all the way to your beloved living in the USA with gifts. This sweet gesture is sure to make your beloved feel loved and pampered. IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) is a website that allows you to connect with your beloved through thoughtful gifts on Valentine’s Day. The best part about placing an order on this website is that you can enjoy free shipping for Valentine’s gifts you sent to the USA. So send Valentine’s gifts to USA and avail free shipping to save your money.

Gift Ideas to USA from IGP

Valentine’s Flowers

Flowers are one of the best manifestations of our feelings. So pick the best one as per your beloved’s preference and send Valentines Day flowers to USA. Order red rose bouquets from IGP or go for mixed flowers bouquets. These flowers are sure to express your heartfelt emotions to a faraway land where your beloved is put up.


Tempting Valentine’s Cakes and Tarts

Indulge your Valentine in tempting cakes on this Valentine’s Day 2018. Present tempting cakes and tarts such mountain berry tart, classic choco truffle cakes, marble truffle cakes and much more. The site offers hassle-free Vday gifts delivery in US. So send your fresh cake gifts to the doorstep of your soul mate and delightfully celebrate this occasion.

Impressive Jewelry

Buy impressive jewellery for your girlfriend from IGP’s website and adore her beauty on Valentine’s Day. Buy elegant and contemporary bracelets, earrings pendant sets and send them as Valentines Day gifts to USA online.

Unique Personalized Gifts

The site offers unique personalized gifts such as mugs, key chains, cufflinks, perfumes, photo frames and much more.  Send these thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts to USA for your boyfriend and let your beloved know how much your relationship with him means to you.


This Valentine’s Day let your feelings be expressed in the form of unique Valentine gifts from IGP. The site offers hassle-free gifts delivery to USA, UK, UAE and many more regions across the globe.  So choose convenient  International Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery from the comfort of your home and connect with your Valentine despite the geographical distance amongst you.



Celebrate New Year 2018 with Gifting

Have you already started planning on how you are going to welcome this New Year 2018? Making resolutions about fitness goals, starting a new hobby, involving in charity work or travel to a different country are some of the resolutions that people decide to take up. But one ritual you can include in your New Year celebrations are the New year Gifts. Sharing happiness with your loved ones with gifting is an unusual and special way to ring in the New Year.

Choosing a gift depending on the personality of the recipient makes your search for gifts an easy process. Be it your parent, friend or sibling; a New Year Gift can be presented to any of your close relationships. Before the arrival of the New Year markets & malls are flooded with wide range of gifts. But if you are running out of time to shop for gifts, you can buy New Year gifts online from online websites. is one gifting portal where you can come across an amazing collection of New Year gifts all at one place. Impress your loved ones with a surprise gift on New Year and make them feel loved.

The type of gift you choose can be the reason to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. To make it a thoughtful New Year gift you can consider few of these best New Year gift ideas:

new year p

Gifting your Parents:

Our parents love us unconditionally, and the bond we share with them is irreplaceable. Thoughtful gifts for your parents on the New Year’s will be a surprise for them and receiving them from kids is always special. A watch is one of the classiest gift items of all time, so pick one which is vintage with roman numbers in it. Giving a watch is an expression that you largely value their time, as it plays a precious role in your lives. A home & living present for your homemaker mother is something that too will be appreciated by her.

Gift your beloved:

There are occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s day when you shower your love on your girlfriend or boyfriend in the form of gifts. But you can add one more occasion to your list when it comes to gifting, and that is New Year’s celebrations. Every lady has a liking towards things related to beauty or appearance, so a beauty gift is apt for her. If your girlfriend is the fashion lover, you can either choose a trendy jacket or a printed scarf or a piece of jewelry. Diamonds are the girl’s best friend and if you want to propose your girlfriend on New Year’s, then say it with a diamond ring. For your boyfriend, a convenient gift like a wallet or pair of sunglasses should be suitable. If he is a party lover, gift him bar accessories like a bar toolkit or personalized beer mugs. So that he can flaunt them the next time he has a house party!

Gifts for Kids:

Even the kids of the family like the idea of receiving the gifts on New Year’s day celebrations. Though they just think it as another event of joy, gifts like games or doll set will make them jump with excitement. Board or puzzle games, cartoon themed backpacks, sports gifts, Disney gifts are ideal gifts for kids.

Make this New Year 2018 extra special by spreading the love with the art of gifting. Gifts become valuable when presented with love from a special someone.

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