Send Warm Wishes To Your Bro With Lovely Greeting Cards

India is a secular country and we witness pompous celebration of festivals galore. Every celebration or a special event is graced with joyous smiles, happy gatherings, delicious sweets and awesome gifts. These beautiful ways of greeting and sending best wishes was invented by humans centuries ago. In older times, when trend of gifting started, people began sending cards to each other with messages of best wishes. Gradually it gave way to gifts and today we are in an era of customized gift hampers that would define our class and delight loved ones. But the tradition of greeting cards stays on.

Amazing Bhai Scroll

Raksha bandhan is one such festival where you can see a lovely amalgamation of colours, flowers, gifts, mouth watering delicacies and the blissful bond of siblings. Sisters tie a sacred thread ‘Rakhi’ to brothers and pray for their eternal success. Brothers treat their sisters to amazing gifts and promise to protect them forever. If you are far away from your brother then you can send your rakhi to him online. You can jazz up your rakhi with sweet greeting cards and thoughtful gifts for your adorable brother.

If you are wondering what to gift your bro to delight him then you can try something unique or a gift that he might be longing for or might have mentioned to you. And if you are still not sure then you can gift something safe that will surely delight him no matter what. A smart watch with stylish dial and designer strap would make him smile any day. A styling hamper of wallet, belt and portfolio bag would be an awesome utility gift that will help him make a statement in his formal attire. Make him enhance his handsome looks by gifting him a grooming hamper that consists of a t shirt, awesome deodorants, colognes from stately brands, shower gel and so on. Men are a messy lot. You can save him the trouble of organizing his travel bag by gifting a fabulous shaving kit that he can use on tours. Chocolates are awesome energizers. Gift him a box of assorted chocolates with your rakhi to treat him.

Classy Gift Combo

You can send gifts to other countries also like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and China. If you are staying abroad and wish to send rakhi and rakhi gifts to your dear brother in India then also there are many online gift shops that will do international shipping. The best of them all is Indian Gifts Portal. AT you can order gifts and greeting cards of your choice from their ultimate collection. Rakhis are designed in intricate patterns and are studded with pearls, beads, American diamonds and premium stones. They even have a sumptuous collection of lumba rakhis with gorgeous pearly hangings for your sweet sister in law. Pair it with an awesome greeting card for rakhi from the collection of that carries a lovely heart melting message for darling brother. You can even personalize the greeting card with picture of you and your bro printed on the greeting card to delight him. has best quality products and highly efficient services. Even free shipping facilities are available for select areas. Check out and order your rakhi hamper accordingly. Rakhi day is all about making your dear ones feel special and pamper them with lots of love. So choose best hamper from and make the day truly memorable for your adorable brother. We bet nothing will beat the happiness on his face than your rakhi gift.

Looking for Fascinating Birthday Gifts for Boys?

Gifts are a very lovely source of expressing one’s feelings. Gifts need not be expensive and stylish. The notion that a particular object is presented as a gift itself is enough to fill anyone with elation. Today it has become a tradition to give gifts on special occasions. But in reality, one does not have to wait for events to happen to express their love. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, Friendship day and others are perfect occasions to send gifts to your loved ones and reminding them of you.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones and especially boys on their birthday then here is a list of top seven birthday gifts for boys that will surely appease them.

1.) Gadgets & Gizmos
For a brother or boyfriend who is head over heels in love with modern technology, you can gift them latest gadgets like tab, laptop, multimedia players, digital camera and lot more.

2.) Cool Accessories & grooming gifts
Perfect for teenage and college going boys, gifts like cool designer bracelets, stately watches from brands like Fastrack, Titan, Timex and Tissot, funky neck chains and cool shades will delight him like nothing else. Leather wallets and belts in elegant designs are also a smart gifting option for boys.  If your loved one likes to travel a lot or is a working professional then you can gift them stylish travel bags or Vintage Portfolio bags respectively.
Complement you accessories with grooming hampers like shaving kits, body care gifts like shower gel, lotion, after shave and deodorants like Nike, Addidas, Burberry, Aramis, BVLGARI and Calvin Klein and give him a reason to flaunt himself.

Scintillating Wishes

Scintillating Wishes

3.) Personalized gifts
The latest trend catching up in the town is personalized gifts that give a moral personal and unique appeal to your gifts. Personalized key chains, laptop skins, mobile covers, coffee mugs, beer mugs, wine glasses, cushions and table clocks are some gifts that can act as utility gift as well as give a special memory to your loved one to remember. You can send best pictures of your favourite memory to get it captured on these products. For engagements, personalized engagement ring dishes with names of the bride and groom engraved on it are a rage nowadays.

note phone personalized photo case 153

note phone personalized photo case 153

4.) Antique gifts
If your brother, best friend or boyfriend is a fan of antiques then you can gift him things like traditional Rajasthan art mobile holders, pen and paper holder, expertly handcrafted show pieces and wall hangings, nautical key chains of magnetic compass or nautical telescope, brass made show pieces plated in gold and much more.

5.) Gift vouchers
Classic gift vouchers like that of Costa coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza hut, Dominos, shopping vouchers of West side, The Shoppers’s stop, Archies, Oxford book store, Titan Eye Plus, Fabindia and Mainland China are sure shot gifts to impress him.

6.) Soft toys
Soft toys can be given to older kids as well as 1st birthday gift for boys. Soft toys of various animals and cartoon characters like Mickey and Mini, Pluto, Winni the Pooh, Shin Chan, Pikachu, cute puppies, baby elephants, tiger and crocodile are available to treat your kids on their birthday.

Adorable Micky & Mini

Adorable Micky & Mini

7.) Utility gifts
Utility gifts for kids like lunch box sets, compass box sets, chocolates, indoor and outdoor games, cricket kit, badminton kit, tennis kit of racket and ball, bath pool with toys and umbrellas for them make for best birthday gifts for boys from age of five to fifteen.

With these amazing gifting items for boys you will surely be able to win their smiles. For ordering these incredible gifts online, go to With our best delivery services and affordable prices, we are sure that our gifts will make an everlasting impression on your loved ones making their birthday memorable.

Send Roses on Birthday

To most of us, birthdays are a much-awaited event, something that we look forward to all year and the moment it passes us by, we wish for the next year’s birthday to be even better than this one. This also applies to those we love, we often make it a personal mission to make it a day that they cherish forever and we wish them all the love and happiness that they desire and deserve. Selecting an enticing gift is a challenge that most of us have felt, and more often than not, we end up gifting something very run-of-the-mill to those who hold the highest pedestal in our lives. If you happen to be someone who finds gifting challenging, Roses could be your ultimate saviour.

Just For Smile

Just For Smile

Roses! Isn’t that a Cliche?

Well, I agree! The moment people hear of roses or flowers in general as gifts, the first thought that comes to their mind is whether it would be too simple or just plain boring. However, let’s ponder on it for a moment, shall we? Things that are cliched are obviously so, because they have worked well in the past, and that is what makes roses, your safe bet. A bunch of beautiful roses, in a variety of colours, or just plain red, is perhaps more ethereal than the most expensive gifts available out there. Fresh flowers, directly affect the human psychology, in a way that they never stop to bring an instant smile to the receiver’s face! Gifting someone a beautiful bunch of roses, is the best way to show someone how much you care for them. In a way, roses personify beauty, elegance and exuberance and offer it as a package!

Beautiful Angel

Beautiful Angel

Multitudinous Variety at your Disposal

Who said that you have to gift only red roses? Thanks to genetic engineering and advances in botanical sciences, you can easily get a myriad variety of colours. From common colours like pink, red, yellow and white, to rare colours like blue or black, you can take your pick from sophisticated to whacky colours, which suit your loved ones’ taste. Nothing can compare to a multicoloured bundle of fresh roses, arranged in a beautiful rosette and tied with utmost care. You can have these roses created in a bouquet or for a more personal appeal hand-tie them with golden or silver mesh.

Fresh Forever

Fresh Forever

Understand what Different Rose Colours Mean!

Before you set out to get these beautiful roses delivered, make sure that you know what the colour of your gifted roses mean! While it is a well known fact that red roses symbolise love and affection with a romantic inclination, not many know that yellow roses hint at a budding friendship that does not involve romantic intentions. Similarly, white roses personify pure, untainted and unadulterated love for someone, it can or cannot be romantic love. Orange roses, denote a mild infatuation or liking toward the recipient of the gift.

Remembering Us

Remembering Us

Rare and Important Rose Colours to Remember

The rare blue coloured roses symbolise mystery and intrigue, or a dream that is too beautiful to be true or attainable. Lavender roses, are a natural variety of roses that are delectable yet extremely rare and simply announce how much you look up to that person and want to be like them. The most important rose colour to remember is black, because it is associated with death and transition. It is very important that you gift black roses only to a mourning friend or family, or to someone who is going through a very tough phase in life. The most important thing to remember while gifting and sending roses bouquets, is that they capture the soul of your feelings and present them in a way that the recipient feels cherished and valued.

Send Love with Delicious Chocolate Cakes

Cake is something that is loved by people from all walks of life and when it is a chocolate cake, you just can’t help but get your mouth watered. Well! We won’t be surprised if you want a slice of chocolate cake on your table already while reading this. Cake is the soul of all kinds of celebrations and parties and you will admit that the enticing chocolate cream on the top of light textured brown rich in taste sponge enthralls you to core and makes you want to have it long before the cake is to be cut. A chocolate cake doesn’t only complete a celebration but it does work for a gift as well. What could be a better gift than the yummy chocolate cake itself?

It is not a pain anymore to find out a good bakery in your area and have them bake a cake of your choice, shape and flavor and then get the message you want to have on it. The most crucial part is carrying the cake to the party venue and don’t deny it has happened with you that you ended up having a ruined cake by the time you reached. That lovely delicious finger licking chocolate cake! Such an embarrassment!

Buy chocolate cakes online as it’s the one stop solution for all this hustle and bustle. Simply go to the cakes category and pick your flavor of cake, choose whether you want an eggless cake or a mainstream one. Once you are in you will find a hell lot of beautiful cakes with many creative shapes and sizes. You can choose a shape and the size of the cake as per the nature of occasion. Designer cakes will offer you a choice on wide range of occasions, for kids you can get cakes of a football shape, a racer car cartoon characters etc, for music buffs you have a guitar or a piano look-alike cake and what not! Photo cakes are a trend these days, buy them for your loved ones, they’ll work well for any individual. Or get a cake with 2-3 or more tiers. All this is available in almost all your favorite flavors in case you are looking to top your taste off with any another flavor too. Ranging from vanilla to white & Black forest to pineapple and strawberry and not to forget the chocolate, just name your requirements. You always wanted to have a look at what’s the cake going to look like before its bakes, online stores also fill this requirement well. Now, give the store your beautiful message or quote you want to have written on the cake and you’re done! Rest is their job.

2Kg Round Eggless Cake 2Kg Round Eggless Cake

So indulge in sharing love with refined tastes with friends, family and colleagues. So, buy chocolate cakes online for we know you can never get enough of it. Be it your loved ones birthday, anniversary, any special day or just a fine evening of long chit-chats with friends. Don’t try to find reasons, just make them.

Lip-Smacking Half KG Cakes For Every Occasion

An array of delectable cakes is listed here for you to go ahead with the best suited one. Cakes are always a good choice. They are vintage gifts but are as delightful as anything else. These cakes are mixed in a batter with love and baked to perfection. With layers of sinfully rich cream that can put your dear one to a heavenly delight, these cakes come in a range of flavors. Choose any of these and they are unique in their own sense. These spongy delicacies are just irresistible. Cakes not only sweeten the taste buds but also the event all together. Not only they are tasty, but also beautiful cakes beautify the event. We host cakes according to size as well, for it to suit every occasion and gifting need. In this era of internet shopping, ordering online for these half kg cakes is the best thing to do with Some of the rich flavorful cakes are described below:

Half Kg Black Forest Cake

This black forest cake will steal your dear one’s heart in the very first look. It is as delectable and delicious to consume as it looks here in the picture. When your dear one will unwrap this sinfully rich black forest cake made in layers of cream and chocolate alternatively, their face will beam with a huge smile and they won’t be able to resist this sumptuous cake.

500 Gms Black Forest

Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch is a flavour preferred by every age group. It has a peculiar taste to it that no other flavor can beat. Also this is good for every occasion like birthdays or baby showers. The flavor that is most loved by all is always good and a safer option to go ahead with.

Half Kg Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake in its white color looks pristine. It is full of elegance and sophistication. Vanilla is the most basic flavor but also the most special. Good for every occasion and for every taste bud; this flavor wins the race and is a classic option to go for.

500 Gms Vanilla Cake

Half Kg Strawberry Cake

Pretty in pink, this strawberry cake has a look to turn eye balls. The sweet fruity strawberry flavor not only beautifies the cake but also imparts a great taste to the spongy cake. Our collection of these cakes solves the purpose of attraction and tastes both.

500 Gms Strawberry Birthday Cake

Half Kg Pineapple Cake

Delightfully flavored with rich pineapple and topped with whipped cream and exotic pineapple chunks, this cake will melt your dear one’s heart. The tint of yellow imparted by pineapple will brighten up your dear one. This is a true delicacy to be gifted to anyone on any occasion.

Half Kg cakes are best suited if you want to delight or surprise your dear one on their birthday even in the midnight. We have more such event special gifts for you at our online portal. Have a look and you will love them.

Why Should You Send Rakhi To Australia Through

The pious festival of raksha bandhan is round the corner and the preparations have already begun more or less. Like every other sister, you also are on a hunt to unique rakhis and rakhi gifts for your sweetheart bro. So doesn’t matter if your bro is sitting in Australia, miles away from you, because we are here to kill the distance and let you celebrate this sacred festival with all the zeal and excitement. Now coming back to what are the added benefits for you if you send Rakhi gifts to Australia; continue reading below:

We Have Already Researched And Handpicked The Best Rakhis For You!



You won’t need to brainstorm on picking an exclusive rakhi as we have put together a range of such thoughtful rakhis. Just select one from the very intricate pearl rakhis, diamond rakhis, rudraksh aum rakhis, doremon bracelet rakhis for kids and many more. Also you can send rakhi sets to Australia and delight your brothers.

You Can Top You Rakhi With Sweets Or Chocolates!

Yes, not just the rakhi, but we will also deliver rakhi hampers containing lip-smacking sweets like kaju katli, rasgullas, etc or premium chocolates like Ferrero Rocher to completely take over your bro’s heart. Also you can club cookies, dry fruits and sugar free gifts to your rakhi.

We Let You Send Delightful Hampers For Your Bro To Australia!

Above unique rakhis, you can send hampers to your bro which are beautifully comprising of personalised gifts for your personal touch, add fresh and fragrant flowers to your rakhi or very expressive greeting cards which will touch directly your bro’s heart.

You Can Glorify The Rakhi With Attractive Add On Gifts!

There is more to sending rakhi with chocolates and sweets. For people who think dry fruits and chocolates won’t suffice, we have gifts which can make your rakhi hamper attractive to another level all together. These gifts include feng-shui hampers to shower positivity on your bro, Gillette basket hamper for your bro’s wellness essentials, gourmet hampers for your foodie bro and apparel and accessories like pens and wallets for your dapper brother. This will surely amaze him.

We Deliver In Any Part Of Australia

Be it any city or town in Australia, we will find your dear one and deliver the gift. Right from Melbourne to Perth to anywhere else, we are at your service. So you need not worry about sending gifts to your bro staying far away from you. Just select what you want him to get delighted of and make an online delivery through us.

Whoa, The Best Part Is, We Offer Free Shipping Too!



Now isn’t this part a cherry on the cake to you? You can deliver so many things to your bro that to in a no added cost of shipping valid on specific products. Check now, what all you can ship for free right here in this page.
We at are constantly looking out for innumerable ways to delight you and your loved one and delivering your memories worldwide. So, don’t wait. Deliver one now !

Options on What to Buy as father’s Gifts Online

Just like any other situation where a near to the perfect choice has to be made amongst the numerous available options, it’s obvious that you are feeling messed up again as the father’s day is approaching. However, you can unload your burden a lot if you look for things available online especially for this occasion.

As Father’s day is coming nearer & nearer, you may be wondering what to choose as the perfect gift for your father. You may be wondering what can be considered as special as your father is to you. And there would also be a surprising plan cooking in your mind which hadn’t reached its final stage as the gift has not been chosen yet. What to do then? If you are active over the internet medium, you must know about the online shopping platforms that re excessively taken in use for shopping purpose. And if you do know that, there is a fantastic idea to resolve all the doubts related to making a choice for the father’s day gift. Go online! Look for gift portals that have exclusive ranges of themed gifts arranged specially for this occasion & it would then be easier for you to finalize the gift. Also, you can still continue to surprise your father on this day when you buy Father’s day gifts online as they will be delivered to your home in least possible time. Isn’t it a great way to choose a gift? Some of the highly popular gifts online are briefed below:

Memorable keepsakes: Your father will definitely like a gift a lot if it is something he can preserve as a memorable gift for as long as he can. And you don’t have to do a lot of you are using online shopping option. A personalized watch or a photo print in which you along with your brothers & sisters can be seen sharing the love & affection with your father. You can have a painting dedicated to this occasion which can be used to adorn the living room or the bedroom area of your place. And the best thing about these gifts is that it can symbolize how closely related you are with your father. So, it’s better to buy father’s day gifts online.

Personalized Photo gifts: Being the child of the best father in the world, having the most lovable father of this earth, these feelings can be best expressed by means of personalized photo gifts. You can have a printed coffee or beer mug so that he can remember the day when he get that gift from your side each time he sips from it. You can have T-shirts personalized for him & the same for yourself to express your special bond with him. And it’s possible & easier to buy such father’s day gifts online